Invisalign for parents

Invisalign For Parents

Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth.

How Does It Work, and What’s In It For Me?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth.
Each aligner gradually straightens teeth little by little into the desired position.
Because aligners are removable, your teenager can continue to eat their favorite foods and brush and floss normally to help keep teeth and gums healthy.

44% of moms say...

Stop, Look, and Listen

44% of moms say it’s been over a month since they have talked to their teen about their confidence.

Invisalign from €3500 (upper and lower teeth)

Price List
Tax relief is available at the standard rate allowing you to claim back 20% of your treatment cost.

Just as effective

Dr Bradley is a specialist orthodontist and a highly skilled Invisalign provider; he has a proven track record of treating teenagers with Invisalign.


It’s a different world our teenagers face with social media. It’s hard to smile confidently for those special occasions and the every day selfies with a mouthful of metal. Give them one less thing to worry about!

Does it hurt?

Invisalign patients may experience slight discomfort at the beginning of treatment. However at Ortho, we supply little helpful tips and tricks to get your teen started.
It’s less painful for you too as there are less appointments required than traditional brackets! It also means less impact on your teens lifestyle from sports to fashion and selfies! Compliance indicators track their wear time and you have up to 6 replacements free of charge for those busy teens!

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Watch Case Studies

Ryan *

Danielle tells us about her “always on the go” son Ryan and how Invisalign Teen clear aligners fit into his hectic lifestyle.

Alex *

Karen shares Alex’s story about his struggle with metal braces early on and his new attitude now that he wears Invisalign Teen aligners.

Randall *

Randall talked her mom into letting her get Invisalign Teen instead of metal braces. Her mom, Sandi, just wanted her to have nice teeth. Randall’s Invisalign Teen treatment has been 100% positive!

Danni *

16 year old Danni has always wanted a perfect smile like her identical sister Nicki. With Invisalign Teen’s clear aligners, she’s on her way to the smile she’s always dreamed of.

Fred *

Fred discusses his Invisalign clear aligners and why he chose them over traditional metal braces. Not only does Fred love the look of his smile, but he enjoys that he can play sports and surf without worrying about metal brackets cutting his lips.

Kate *

Listen to Kate talk about the advantage of Invisalign clear aligners versus braces, and why she’s so glad she’s made the decision to use Invisalign clear aligners! Now during school dances, pictures, and selfies with her friends, Kate doesn’t have to worry about the look of traditional metal braces.

Nicole *

Real teens share their Invisalign Teen experience: Is Invisalign Teen comfortable? Nicole talks about how Invisalign Teen fits into her active lifestyle.

Christopher *

Real teens share their Invisalign Teen experience: Playing sports with Invisalign Teen. Christopher compares his experience with metal braces and Invisalign Teen.

Maddie *

Real teens share their Invisalign Teen experience: Maddie tells us why Invisalign works for her as a singer.

How much does Invisalign cost?

One arch
Both arches
Add for clear
Early treatment from 1560 from 1860
Invisalign from 2000 from 2300
Lingual Braces from 1600 from 2600
6 Months Braces from 2000 from 2300
One arch
Both arches
Add for clear
Braces from 3000 from 3800 from 300
Invisalign from 3000 from 3500

Tax relief is available at the standard rate allowing you to claim back 20% of your treatment cost.

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