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Mild orthodontic treatment

OrthoMap - Mild orthodontic treatment

The 3 STAGES of your Mild orthodontic treatment process

Stage 1 - Dental Problem

Understanding the severity of your dental problem is important in helping you agree to a suitable treatment plan.

To view an image of a typical Mild dental difficulty, click here. For a broader understanding of different types of difficulties commonly seen, click here to view videos of Spacing, Crowding, Overbite, Open Bite, Prominent and Underbite.

Stage 2 - Treatment Timeline

Your timeline of treatment for Mild difficulties is marked on your OrthoMap to the left. See below for explanation.

Initial Consultation is FREE
Week 1: Exam/X-ray
Week 2-4: Impressioning or extraction
Week 4-6: Start treatment
6-8 months: Finish treatment
0-8 months: Maximum treatment time from initial consultation
12 months: Aftercare starts from finish of treatment
20 months: Total maximum treatment time including Aftercare
During your treatment process there are appointments every 6 weeks.
Within your Aftercare time there is a minimum of 3 appointments.

Stage 3 - Options & Solutions

Knowing the option of braces suitable for you make choosing your solution easy.

Types of braces available for Mild orthodontic treatment:
Please click images below to watch the videos.



Metal braces

Metal braces

Lingual or inside braces

Lingual or inside braces

Lingual or inside braces

Six months braces

Six months braces are only suitable for a small amount of patients where the bite is not a problem (approximately 5%). Your Orthodontist specialist will advise if this option is suitable for you.

Indication of costs:

Upper OR Lower Teeth / One Arch
Upper AND Lower Teeth / Both Arches
Early treatment from €1460 from €1560
Invisalign from €2200 from €2500
6 Months Braces from €2000 from €2300

Examples of treatment Payment plans

Initial Payment
Early treatment from €800 8 €82.50
Invisalign from €1000 4 €300
6 Months Braces from €750 4 €312.50

See full Pricelist. Tax relief is available at the standard rate allowing you to claim back 20% of your treatment cost.

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