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Complex orthodontic treatment

OrthoMap - Complex orthodontic treatment

The 3 STAGES of your Complex orthodontic treatment process

Stage 1 - Dental Problem

Understanding the severity of your dental problem is important in helping you agree to a suitable treatment plan.

To view an image of a typical Complex dental difficulty, click here. For a broader understanding of different types of difficulties commonly seen, click here to view videos of Spacing, Crowding, Overbite, Open Bite, Prominent and Underbite.

Stage 2 - Treatment Timeline

Your timeline of treatment for Complex difficulties is marked on your OrthoMap to the left. See below for explanation.

Initial Consultation is FREE
Week 1: Exam/X-ray
Week 2-4: Impressioning or extraction
Week 4-6: Start treatment
18 – 24 months: Finish treatment
0-24 months: Maximum treatment time from initial consultation
12 months: Aftercare starts from finish of treatment
36 months: Total maximum treatment time including Aftercare
During your treatment process there are appointments every 8 weeks.
Within your Aftercare time there is a minimum of 3 appointments.

Stage 3 - Options & Solutions

Knowing the option of braces suitable for you make choosing your solution easy.

Types of braces available for Complex orthodontic treatment:
Please click images below to watch the videos.



Metal braces

Metal braces

Lingual or inside braces

Lingual or inside braces

Indication of costs:

Upper OR Lower Teeth / One Arch
Upper AND Lower Teeth / Both Arches
Braces from €3200 from €3800
Invisalign from €3300 from €3500
Lingual Braces from €5400 from €7500

Examples of treatment Payment plans

Initial Payment
Braces from €1000 20 €100
Invisalign from €1400 18 €105
Lingual Braces from €2200 18 €177

Tax relief is available at the standard rate allowing you to claim back 20% of your treatment cost.

See full Pricelist. Tax relief is available at the standard rate allowing you to claim back 20% of your treatment cost.

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